Why is my drain making gurgling sounds?

Sometimes when I've been called to clear a blocked drain, customers will tell me about the puzzling noises their drain was making before it blocked. In fact their drain was already blocked and they just didn't realise it. Not every drain will make this noise before the customer suddenly realises their waste water is spilling

17 July 2014|

What temperature should my hot water be?

Whenever I install a control pad to an instantaneous gas hot water system for a customer who has never had one before, the first thing they want to know is what temperature they should set it at for showering. Trial and error will quickly determine that for them but as a rough guide I say

9 July 2014|

Does drano work / which chemical should I use in my blocked drain?

Customers often ask me if I recommend any particular chemical to use in a blocked drain. The short answer is generally no - a blockage is usually a physical problem and requires a physical solution. Caustic soda and acids are often used by householders attempting to unblock blocked drains (often in conjunction with the trusty

9 July 2014|

Westinghouse 476 / 650 gas wall oven noisy fan

The Westinghouse 476 / 650 wall oven was the only gas wall oven you could get in Australia for a few years (a few years ago Harvey Norman started importing Belling ovens from England). The Westinghouse oven has a common fault with a noisy canopy fan (not the recirculating fan you can see when you

21 April 2014|

Why does my bathroom drain smell bad like sewer odour?

From time to time, customers here in Adelaide ask me about a sewer kind of odour in their bathroom. It might come from the drain in the shower, or the floor waste in the middle of the bathroom floor, or both. Sometimes people don't know where it's coming from - just that their bathroom frequently

24 February 2014|

Breaking an expensive toilet

Looks like a beer glass and a napkin... theres been a party in here! This was a very expensive toilet to break. It's a Caroma Leda Invisi and I had to find one on Saturday morning to get the bathroom going again before this busy Adelaide hotel filled up with patrons that afternoon.

22 February 2014|
  • water pressure guage

Water pressure, water hammer and the plumbing code

Thousands of houses in Adelaide receive high water pressure from the street main. People appreciate being able to pressure wash the car using just a garden hose but this convenience comes with nasty side effects both noisy and silent. The noisy one is water hammer and the silent one is the premature aging of hot

15 February 2014|