beer glass breaks toilet

Looks like a beer glass and a napkin… theres been a party in here!

This was a very expensive toilet to break. It’s a Caroma Leda Invisi and I had to find one on Saturday morning to get the bathroom going again before this busy Adelaide hotel filled up with patrons that afternoon.

The pan was broken low enough that the water no longer sealed the room from the gas in the sewer. It was a nasty job breathing in there while I worked.

toilet smashed out

This pan was bedded on mortar and silicone sealed to the wall

Everything comes out easy with a big enough hammer.

broken caroma toilet

The guilty beer glass stayed in there the whole time

There was a lot of preparation work to do before the new pan could be installed. It could have been a fairly easy swap but the original installation of the waste connector wasn’t right. I needed the collar to be 180 above the floor and 455 from the cubicle partition. It was 10mm too high and 15mm too far left. The previous installation got by with it the way it was because the pan was set on mortar which lifted the pan off the floor and helped it to line up with the collar. Oh and they just tipped the waste connector over 15mm on a crook angle to line up horizontally from the partition.

tools all over the bathroom

At some point I realised I had dragged so many tools into the bathroom and filled the place with gear that I snapped a quick pic. So often I wish I could take a wider picture because I just can’t fit everything into the frame.

These big fancy pans are significantly more difficult to install than a standard pan. They’re heavier and theres a lot more surface that needs to be siliconed. It’s easy to make a mess of a line of silicone. I had a lot of practice on a similar pan the day before and it all went well so I was happy to have had the earlier rehearsal.

caroma leda invisi toilet suite

Caroma Leda Invisi almost ready for service

The wet silicone needs time to set before anybody so much as bumps the pan so the door is locked and the sign goes up for a whole day to be sure.

out of order

Out of order until silicone is set, then it’s business as usual.

Happy crapping! Hopefully not with a beer in your hand.