How to fix a blocked kitchen sink drain

If you've ever tried to unblock a drain with chemicals, you probably already know that it doesn't work. This article will show you how to unblock your sink drain without using chemicals. This article will apply to laundry tubs, kitchen sinks, and hand basins. Step 1 - Plunge the sink drain The first step in

2 October 2018|

Explaining backflow prevention

This article briefly describes how backflow can occur, and the need for backflow prevention in plumbing installations. The page here briefly describes what backflow is, and the need for backflow testing in South Australia. How does backflow occur? Backflow most commonly occurs by back-siphonage. A siphonage event can occur any time a water supply pipe

6 March 2017|

Gas leak – Fire in the cooktop!

Five weeks ago I attended a domestic gas cooktop in Northgate where fire had come out from under the knobs during cooking. Even I would have been spooked if I had been there cooking when this gas leak happened. This household uses their cooktop every night so the repair was urgent to the customer. The

13 February 2017|

How to relight your gas hot water pilot flame

If the pilot flame on your gas storage hot water system needs relighting, the instructions below show you how. These instructions will work for most gas storage hot water systems. To remove the access panel on a Rheem water heater, pull the bottom straight up. The whole panel should move up about 5mm. You can

21 March 2015|

Repairing broken and leaking water pipes

Recently I've been called to repair leaking water pipes where contractors have accidentally broken the copper water service between the water meter and the house. These situations immediately create two plumbing emergencies. The first one is finding the water meter and turning the water off, the second one is calling a plumber who can get

13 December 2014|

Replacing a Rinnai Eco 16 hot water unit

Today I had to attend a hot water unit on a rental house where the tenant was complaining about the hot water running cold. All I knew before I got there was that it was a continuous flow gas hot water unit and that it was frequently shutting off and delivering cold water. I was

11 December 2014|

Why is my water bill so high? Do I have a water leak?

If you have an expensive water bill, this article will help you to determine the accuracy of your meter, and also check if you have a water leak in your pipework. The meter shown above is the most common domestic water meter that I've seen in Adelaide. This meter has flowed 2,236,316L since new. The

15 November 2014|

Backflow Testing – What is backflow?

When I've been asked what backflow prevention is, the question has usually come with a comment that it sounds gross. Backflow prevention actually involves clean water and keeping that water clean. To explain what backflow prevention is, we're best to explain what backflow is. It goes without saying that backflow prevention is the endeavour to

10 November 2014|

Bosch Hot Water

There's a lot of mechanically controlled Bosch hot water units in Adelaide such as the water wizard, the Bosch 10H, the Bosch 13P and the Bosch 16P. The most common problem people have with these units is the water not getting hot enough - particularly in winter. There's a number of reasons why this can

7 September 2014|