There’s a lot of mechanically controlled Bosch hot water units in Adelaide such as the water wizard, the Bosch 10H, the Bosch 13P and the Bosch 16P. The most common problem people have with these units is the water not getting hot enough – particularly in winter.

There’s a number of reasons why this can occur and sometimes on models with a valve for water flow adjustment, you can simply adjust that valve to have comfortable showers again. The valve is located below the sighting window and inside the box but not all units have one.

Most times the problem is more complicated. Most Adelaide plumbers specialising in maintenance know about the common water section diaphragm fatigue ruining the heater’s performance or stopping it from working entirely, but sometimes the cause of your Bosch hot water unit’s poor performance is caused by a broken thermostat or even something else.

Less common complaints about these heaters include water leaks or ignition problems either with pilot flames or the main burner. One time I noticed a permanent orange flame where somebody had DIY’ed some kind of repair and left a gas leak behind in their untrained workmanship. The orange flame filled some of the burner primary air ports with soot (the product of incomplete combustion which occurs when a gas flame has not enough primary air) which then caused the main burner to burn with an orange sooty flame! It was a mess and it took over an hour to fix so this was a good example of why not to do it yourself.

In the winter of 2014 I had several customers who decided to swap out their mechanical Bosch hot water for electronically controlled continuous flow gas hot water. For most customers who decide to do this they need to hire an electrician to install a power outlet for the new water heater to plug in to and I always recommend using a temperature control pad to keep gas consumption down. A temperature control pad also helps to prevent hot water scalding by giving the householder the ability to control the temperature of their hot water.

Whatever your Bosch hot water problem is, give me a call to help you sort it out.

Installing gas hot water

Installing gas hot water