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Retrofitting a gas cooktop

Cooking with a gas cooktop is everybody's preferred way to cook. If you're converting from electric to gas, or even if you're just replacing new for old, it can be difficult to find a new cooktop that fits neatly into the old hole. You can take two different approaches to dealing with that. The most

26 January 2014|

Plumbing a kitchen renovation

I'm often asked about moving the taps from above a kitchen sink during kitchen renovations. Customers are a little unsure about what's behind those lovely splashback tiles and that faithful old kitchen cupboard that's been holding the bench up off the floor for all these years. The classic wall taps and wall spout above kitchen

13 January 2014|

Repairing a Euromaid gas oven

Getting the oven to stay lit + resealing the oven door This Euromaid gas oven (Davoren Park, Adelaide) would light but wouldn't stay lit. It was the common case of lighting the pilot flame without any trouble but then when you released the gas knob, the pilot flame would go out. This oven took some

31 December 2013|

They don’t make taps like they used to

Tapware isn't quite ready straight out of the box In the last two months I've been called to deal with leaking taps where the cause of the trouble was something you might not find in the plumber's textbook. In both cases the tap hardware had failed in less than five years and in one case,

29 December 2013|

Take care when buying Gas appliances online!

A surprise gas type conversion Today I went to a job in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide to install a free standing Euro gas oven. The customer bought it from an online auction site complete with 2 years manufacturer warranty. No mention of the gas type the oven was configured for could be found on the invoice

27 December 2013|

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new site, please come back again soon as I will be adding new blog posts quite frequently. Have a great Christmas and New Year, and all the best for 2014!

3 December 2013|